Okay, this is not…

what i expected at 5:00 in the morning as I headed out the door with MadDog (aka Mattie, dog #2) to do what dogs do the first thing in the morning. She was just busy, busy, busy moving quickly from one side of the driveway to the other tugging on the leash trying to figure out what animals had been there throughout the night. As she was pulling, I looked up ahead just a bit and what do I see, opossum love. Yes, that’s right two opossums caught in a compromising position. Mr. Opossum did not look happy to see me, he just stared with those beady little black eyes and the Mrs’ looked like she really needed a break. I have been asked “Why didn’t you get a video of them?”  (Go to YouTube and search opossum sex and you’ll understand.) Well, at 5am I don’t take my phone outside with me, at 5pm more than likely I would.  So I gave MadDog a yank and headed back to the house, trying to get the image of the two opossums out of my head. I thought how am I going to get this visual out of my head, I swear I have retina burn. Fast-forward to 5pm. I pull up the driveway and my husband made it home before me. Thank heavens, because if I had pulled up the driveway and seen a 4’ long Bull Snake in front of the garage I would have freaked. He was nice enough to move the snake into the side yard, but of course had to take a picture of it first. He told me it really didn’t want to leave and that was probably because it was digesting dinner. If you look at the picture closely you can see the bulge. What was dinner? A mouse, chipmunk or a baby bird?

I really do love animals and nature but opossums and snakes are not what I would call cute and cuddly. Cuddly to me has four legs, fur or hair and a tail THAT IS COVERED with fur or hair. I don’t say awwww when I see a snake. What I do is scream or run, maybe/probably both. So what I have decided is…snake trumps opossum and I don’t know what trumps snake, but this is beginning to feel like the animal version of the game Paper, Scissors, Rock.


1 thought on “Okay, this is not…

  1. It could be worse. A FB friend posted that he thought he had a large moth in his kitchen. Nope. It was a bat. They did safely remove it from the house.

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