Yona what?

I’m a little nervous, this is the first time I have attempted to blog. This blog is the conversations that our group has during our exercise class and then afterwards at the local patisserie.

This morning on my way to class, at 6:15 am, I was listening to the radio and for the second week in a row the host was talking about the Yonanas. Last week I mentioned the Yonanas in class everyone just looked at me, and it didn’t go any further. This morning I mentioned it, and Midnight had listened to the same station and it had peaked her curiosity. We figured it had to be a blender of some kind, but what made this device so special. So special, that two grown men were just beside themselves. So when we got to coffee I grabbed my iPad and googled Yonanas.

I clicked on the link to the website and immediately laughed, because I couldn’t believe how phallic this thing looked. Then I showed it to the group, more laughter. Looking at the picture I was trying to figure out if it was electric, but I didn’t see a cord, battery operated or manually operated. If it was manually operated, all I could think was “hand job,” and they should pay me to use it. There was a link to video, so I clicked to view. Good news, it has a motor it’s not manual. The woman was pushing frozen pineapple down the chute. That looked strange enough that i don’t want to think about a frozen banana going down the chute, and coming out the bottom like soft serve ice cream. It just wasn’t a pretty picture I had in my head.

I read “food for thought,” on their website I was just amazed how many women love, love, love this appliance. But as we talked about appliances and utensils, Jade Waverly added that “kitchen utensils need to do at least two things to make them worthwhile, I already have too much on my counter.” Looking at this appliance it could probably be used for two things, but one of them wouldn’t be in the kitchen.

I don’t know if the inventor of the Yonanas is a man or woman but if it’s a man, I’ll bet he drives a corvette.


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